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Before starting to play Tony Moffat opened by saying that the Trio had been having a great time in Argyll. However by the end of the concert, Cowal Music Club, was more than rewarded by their playing. The Trio opened with Hayden's Piano Trio No. 39 in G Major, sometimes known as the 'Gypsy' or 'Gypsy Rondo' due to its Rondo finale in Hungarian style. Three movements with openings for all three instruments, piano, violin and cello. There followed the Dubussy Piano Trio in G (4 movements). As this was written when Dubussy was only 18, Robert (cellist) warned we might not recognise this as having been written by Dubussy as he had not yet formed his style. Also that we may hear strains of Schubert, Puccini or Brahms. Dubussy was a piano teacher at the time and had fallen in love with one of his pupils. This Piano Trio ranged over the four movements from gently flowing, to scherzo (perhaps a bit Turkish sounding), an andante love song and culminating in a wonderful passionata fourth movement. After the interval the trio turned to Brahms Piano Trio Opus 8 in B major, a favourite composer of Mario (pianist). Brahms music was for all instruments so that the various instruments had a 'best part' to play, especially the piano (Mario again!). The four movements went from very strong to faster tempo in the second movement with a beautiful melodic middle section. The third movement contained a lovely piano pianissimo followed by the restless close of the fourth movement. The audience reaction was continuous applause and the Trio returned to play an encore of Mendelssohn's Opus 49 in D minor. This is recognised as one of his most popular chamber works. Very romantic, schumannesque style with the piano playing the more important role. A wonderful concert brightening up a grey Cowal day.

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