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In 2019 Cowal Music Club was in the process of setting up a Piano Club as an opportunity for adult amateur pianists of any standard to get together to play the piano and listen to others. The idea is to develop performance skills and deal with performance nerves in a supportive environment.

Unfortunately, the club was a casualty of Covid-19 but we hope to get it started again in 2024.

It would be run along similar lines to piano clubs and meetup groups that exist around the UK. Pianists get together and play their pieces to a friendly and supportive audience. Participants can also just come along and listen if they don't want to play. Pianists of any standard are welcomed from raw beginners to conservatoire graduates .

Playing the piano can often be a solitary experience because we can't just pick up our instrument and take it to some venue and play with other people as can a violinist or clarinet player. This kind of club allows pianists to get together, experience playing on a different instrument and learn to cope with the inevitable nerves. The goals are fun, musical pleasure, development, experience and social interaction.

Such clubs exist in Glasgow and Edinburgh but until now there has been none in Dunoon. If you would be interested in joining in and trying it out, then please send your name, email and phone number via the contact page on this website and I will get back to you quickly. We can start this group with very small numbers so don't be shy.

I really look forward to hearing from you.

Kim Harris


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