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Would you like to help run Cowal Music Club?

It has been said that listening to music alone does not produce the same effect. It’s the act of experiencing music as a community that makes the difference. They also say that people who go to concerts regularly are happier.

The pandemic showed just what life in Cowal is like without the Cowal Music Club providing live music in the community We are now back in business but we need enthusiastic helpers to become involved in helping to organise events and concerts. It is not an onerous task – two meetings a year and helping out at concerts – but it is a very rewarding and exciting experience being part of a club that is now about to celebrate 80 years.

You will also have the opportunity to meet and talk with some of UK’s finest musicians and become part of a club that is highly respected throughout Scotland for its longevity, musical knowledge, appreciative audience and warm welcome. No musical experience is required just an enthusiasm to help Cowal Music Club.

If you would like to contribute to this exciting club please contact us.


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